What types of companies can create a Cofolio profile?
All types! We encourage any small business that is looking for expansion capital to try out the Cofolio platform and reach out to their local community.

What are the costs involved with raising capital through Cofolio?
Cofolio operates on a simple pricing schedule: $50/month for a regular business listing; however, the platform is currently free to a limited number of beta users! Premium listings will be available down the road. All businesses are encouraged to try out the platform for one month free! Legal and accounting costs will vary on a case by case basis depending on the amount of capital being raised and the nature of the business. Cofolio is doing everything possible to lower the costs of legal and accounting services through standardized documentation and preferred partner pricing.

How much capital can I raise through the Cofolio platform?
Cofolio allows your business to raise any amount of capital, although our recommended funding range is from $250,000 – $1,000,000.

How do I know how much to offer investors in terms of equity, debt, and/or benefits?
Each business will work with a Cofolio representative and an independent valuation company to determine the right mix of equity, debt, and benefits to offer investors. We will help make sure that the terms offered fit within your long-term financial goals and expansion plans.

What happens if I am not able to meet my funding goal?
No problem. At that point, the business and the investors can decide on whether to proceed with the amount that was raised, or to refund all capital back to the investors. All collected capital is held in an escrow account until a final decision is reached.


Can anyone invest in a Cofolio business?
Yes! Cofolio allows anyone to build their own community portfolio. There is however an important difference between accredited and non-accredited investors (definition). Non-accredited investors are able to invest in a company if there is a substantive, pre-existing relationship with the company. Accredited investors are able to invest in all companies regardless of any pre-existing relationship.

Is there a minimum investment?
The minimum investment amount will depend on the company’s capital requirements. Usually equity investments will entail a higher minimum investment than debt.

Who is responsible for enforcing the small business expansion plans?
The small business owner is contractually obligated to follow through on the expansion plan approved by Cofolio investors. The degree of freedom allotted to the business owner will depend on the final terms of the agreement. Cofolio businesses will be required to maintain a high degree of transparency in the form of regular investor updates, financial audits, and standardized reporting.

How much return can I expect on my Cofolio investment?
Each Cofolio business will have a different revenue model and be at a different stage of its growth cycle, making it difficult to determine a general expected return. An investment in a local bar will yield a very different return than a downtown coffee shop or a neighborhood deli. Each investor will be able to carefully review the terms and conditions of the business offer before deciding whether or not to invest.

How liquid is my Cofolio investment?
Cofolio businesses are long term investments, usually with a time period of 3-5 years. Repayment of debt principle or equity buy-back provisions will depend on the final agreement reached between the business and Cofolio investors. In the future, Cofolio will introduce a secondary market allowing Cofolio members to buy and sell their investments from one another.

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