Our Team

Sam Mar


Sam Mar has an international background in consulting, private banking, and wealth management. What he found during his experience was that many of his clients were investing in things they had no idea about. These included complex structured products, derivatives, and hedge funds running “proprietary strategies” that nobody could really explain. During the global financial crisis of 2008, many investors saw their net worth decline significantly without any idea of the risk they were actually exposed to. Even investors in plain equities were surprised to learn the amount of exposure companies like GE and AIG had to sub-prime mortgage securities.

The lesson he took away was that investing had gotten too complicated and overwhelming for the everyday guy or girl off the street. It was as if one needed an advanced degree in finance or years of professional experience to figure out what was going on with their portfolio and where to put their retirement savings.

Investing needed to become simple again. Sam thought about the days before the stock market, back when investing meant knowing the owner of your favorite restaurant down the street and giving him the capital he needed for a new renovation. There was something inherently attractive about owning a piece of a tangible business and enjoying the fact that you were helping out your local community. And there was something to be said for buying a business that you actually understood. That is the desire that Cofolio hopes to fulfill by connecting small business owners with local investors around the world.

Daniel Wang

Director of Marketing & Finance

Daniel Wang received his degree in Finance and Business Honors at the University of Texas in Austin. Currently, Daniel is in Houston’s energy industry working in corporate finance as a senior financial analyst in charge of consolidated planning, budgeting, and reporting.

Daniel’s passion for Cofolio stems from his own frustrations and experiences dealing with figuring out how to invest his savings. As a young, working professional with a degree of financial flexibility and a desire to diversify his assets, Daniel struggled to find the right fit for his portfolio. Investing just seemed to require too much effort and due diligence, leaving him constantly putting it off. Working with Cofolio, Daniel immediately saw the vast opportunity in the marketplace, not only appealing to those looking for the right investment opportunities like himself, but also the social impact of creating a sustainable local business community. His hope is that Cofolio will be able to revolutionize the way individuals invest and businesses grow.

John Knieper

Chief Technology Officer

John Knieper has a Computer Science degree from the University of Houston which led to a career in software development and integration at a financial institution.  Within his career, he worked on many different platforms to develop web content, server management, and application design.  He also had the opportunity to research and test multiple facets related to e-commerce and security on an enterprise scale which will be leveraged in creating a trusted & safe environment.  John’s unique educational and industry background enable Cofolio to ensure best practices are implemented in all aspects of the platform and back-end infrastructure.